View Full Version : DT 4.0.6 X86 Problem with Alcohol and Anydvd

06.10.2006, 21:51
I have a Problem with DT after Upgrade to 4.0.6

After the Installation of DT (not SPTD - Reboot) and a following reboot to any time, my OS hangs direct before user login. The screen stay black and nothing happends. After uninstalling of Anydvd and Alcohol (both are nevest version) and deactivation of Starwind-service, i can boot normaly. Deleating of SPTD and downgrade to DT 4.0.3 works too, But having only SPTD 1.29 without DT installes is able too.

Has anybody an idea ?

System is an Dell Inspiron 9300 - Notebook
P-M 750
2 GB DDR-2 (Transed and Samsung in Dualchannel)
Geforce 6800 GO
WinXP SP2 with all Updates

07.10.2006, 18:13
Have you tried reinstalling Alcohol without StarWind?

07.10.2006, 20:05
Which AnyDVD version do you use? Does it help to disable monitoring of virtual devices in AnyDVD?

08.10.2006, 08:11
Ihave compleatly reinstall these Programms in this order:

deinstallation - reboot - SPTD 1.29 - reboot - Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 B 4521 - reboot - Anydvd - reboot - Daemon Tools 4.0.6

and after the next reboot i had this problem. But your tip: disable monitoring of virtual devices works and i have until now no problems

thx for help

08.10.2006, 09:00
Where is AnyDVD v6.0.7.1? Atm I see on Slysoft.com only?

08.10.2006, 09:05
Sorry. Its version

08.10.2006, 10:30
So deactivation of virtual drive monitoring helps.
Do you have automount activated in Daemon Tools, if so does it hang if an image is mounted only (i.e. does not hang if you unmount all devices before reboot - with activated virtual device monitoring!) - and does it help to de-activate automount?

09.10.2006, 20:26
I have install everything a second time so see what the real problem could be and i changed AnyDVD to and i have found the problem.

I have the problem with automounting, but only if a image was loaded before shutdown. If no image was loadet it works. Monitoring of virtual drives has nothing to do with it.