View Full Version : How can I remotely change what CD image is mounted.

08.10.2006, 08:04
Hi I work at an internet cafe and we want to create images of games that need a play cd on a fileserver. Id like to then have daemon tools installed on every one of the computers and be able to change what cd is mounted on any one of the computers, remotely from the fileserver. Is it it possible to do this? I know that some newer games detect daemon tools but our most popular games are older ones that will work with it, any advice is welcomed.

08.10.2006, 17:56
Yes, it's possible. But keep in mind that you must license DTools for each computer you use it on when it's used commercially. Just use DaemonScript to create automated scripts through shortcuts.

09.10.2006, 00:08
Liscensing each would be fine as long as I can get it to work. That daemon scripts program looks to be close to what I want, Im just wondering does anybody have any suggestions to making the scripts execute remotely?

10.10.2006, 04:25
I'm not sure I understand what you mean? It should be mounting it on the local computer, just using the image over the network. Unless you're mounting the images on the server and sharing the drives themselves over the network, but I can't imagine why you'd want to do that.