View Full Version : How to burn a CD protected with CD-COPS ver. 1.61 #3961?

06.10.2003, 23:43
I have an image file (mdf & mds file) which is protected by CD-COPS ver. 1.61 #3961.

How can i burn this image?

Thanks in advance ...

07.10.2003, 00:02
Well, I would assume you made the image with alcohol, so burn it with alcohol too!

07.10.2003, 00:47
Yes, m8..
But with which options, like RMPS or EFM error checked, and the writing speed etc?

Thanks for your interest.. :)

07.10.2003, 01:24
You should only need rmps checked.

07.10.2003, 01:25
Use RMPS, no need for EFM. You will have to enable RMPS emulation to play of course (in Alcohol or Daemon).
Writing speed doesn't matter - it is only a question of your media reliabilty.

07.10.2003, 01:34
Thanks m80s...
You are so kind for responding to my question..

Regards.. :D