View Full Version : awxDTools Crashed Explorer - Runtime Error!

09.10.2006, 15:38
Dtools 4.0.6 + awxDTools When i right click on an image, explorer crashed with a Runtime Error.

I have this combination installed on many other computers and have not had this happen before.

I have tried re-regestering the dll for awxDtools and also doing a re-install of both. I am still having this problem!

12.10.2006, 03:59
Didn't see this post before I made my thread (which is awaiting admin approval). I'm having the EXACT same issue. It's very frustrating...

11.07.2007, 15:45
I've posted a reply on how to fix this error on this thread:


Basically it's just doing a repair install of .net framework 2.0.