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10.10.2006, 19:57
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I try to installed DaemonTools daemon406-x86 for my comuter dell LATITUDE D505 and my O/S is Windows vista ultimate

So I RUN the Installer. and i agree to EULA and then a message-box appear and inform me about
SPTD 1.29 - installation, so i click OK and then a reboot is not performed.

i remove every thing from the regedit then i try again but it wont go fine the same problem above

my friend have the same computer and system and i try the Daemontools on his computer and its work ok and i dont know what is the problem with my system !!

10.10.2006, 20:44
daemon406-x86 doesnt contain SPTD 1.25, it does contain SPTD 1.29 so it seems you are trying to install daemon403-x86.

For problem check related threads about disappearing SPTD in Vista, there is a bat-file in this forum but i dont know atm where.

10.10.2006, 22:09
i was wrong it does contain SPTD 1.29 ;)

11.10.2006, 21:18

I have just installed Vista RC-1 build 5600 and the latest x86 Daemon Tools installation.

Daemon Tools is running in the system tray but when I mount an image I cant access it.

In device manager, CY3249P YAO523R SCSI CdRom Device has a question mark next to it. I dont think a driver is installed for it.

Any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance..


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11.10.2006, 21:36

I was confused as to why the post wasn't showing up. I thought it may be a bug in the forum or something.

12.10.2006, 22:09
DT 3.41 should work wih RC1.
But the latest DT (4.06) is working with RC2 (build 5744).
But do not update from RC1 to RC2 when you have DT installed. Make a fresh install or uninstall DT before updating.

13.10.2006, 11:22
I tried uninstalling 4.06 and reinstalling with 3.41 but I've still not got any icons for the drives in Computer.

In device manager it is showing the device is working properly but there is a question mark next to the SCSI CD Rom Device.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and got it working?

16.10.2006, 16:21
Where can i find D-tools 3.41?

17.10.2006, 09:10
In the download section (archive):

17.10.2006, 12:40
Any idea how to fix my vista problem?

17.10.2006, 23:35
hmm, not really... you can try to uninstall DT and manually remove all the leftovers (see the threads in the Common Problems and Solutions Forum howto remove DT 4.x and 3.x manually).
An other way will be to upgrade to RC2 (the best would be a fresh install), with that DT 4.06 should run fine...

18.10.2006, 05:28
Do you now where I can get RC-2? The MS site just points to RC-1.