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07.10.2003, 03:01
Just purchased Halo and I'd like to make an image and put the CD away for later use. I love using Daemon-Tools for speedy access time! :D

Though, when I try to make an image with Alcohol 120, it tells me disc read errors at almost every sector. I've tried identifying the copy protection, and I -think- it's SafeDisc 2.

Should I be using something other than Alcohol?

07.10.2003, 03:50
yes, use Alcohol to create the image and if protection is safedisc2 use "SafeDisc2"-Profile. This can take some time.

There are several reports to me that this game caused some trouble. We investigate it

07.10.2003, 05:10
It definitely worked with Safedisc2. Thanks :)

Odd how it read the disc wrong like 500 times though.

07.10.2003, 06:59
this is normal behaviour for every safedisc game - the read errors are part of the protection.

24.10.2003, 21:41
I'm having trouble running it from an image file, after downloading the latest halo patch. it tells me to "Insert the correct Halo cd".
it worked before the patch rhough, did they change something?

24.10.2003, 22:55
Most likely they have introduced a new 'blacklist'.

They know that with Alcohol and Daemon-Tools you can backup (or, from their point of view, illegally reproduce) copy protected CDs so they check if such a program is installed. This means that whenever a new blacklist checking for Daemon-Tools has been introduced, we need to release a new version of DT that will not be found by the blacklisting mechanism.

It's kinda like a cat & mouse game. Be sure to have the latest versions of Alcohol and Daemon-Tools installed (CloneCD might also be blacklisted btw)
and be assured that we will investigate every blacklist and try to fix it as soon as possible.

By the way, Novia, could you check which version of SafeDisc 2 the new Halo patch uses? Look here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=191) for some information on how to find out. And please also post the exact version of the patch (e.g. v1.01 or v1.1)!

26.10.2003, 03:26
um sorry I removed the patch already, i'll have to get it again.

29.10.2003, 02:37
This is result i got from my patched Halo.exe (Australian version)
Safedisc - 2.70.30

29.10.2003, 06:41
SafeDisc 2.7 hasn't introduced a blacklist for the several latest versions of DTools, please make sure you have the latest version (3.41) installed. Also please check if you have older versions of Alcohol 120% or CloneCD installed.

31.10.2003, 05:23
I used Alcohol 120 to make a safedisc 2 image. Then I run it with the Media is Always a CD-Rom option activated. Worked like a charm.


19.11.2003, 22:40
Hrm, my halo updated today to 1.02 and now I canÒ‘t start the game with my image. Maybe a new blacklist? :oops:

hell spawn
03.12.2003, 08:23
ok so heres my problem. i have usedd daemon for so many difrent things and it always worked GREAT!!! :D butnow i have a prob. ok my frend beat the game on all 4 dificulties, and he has a 28.8kbps modem :lol: (READ: he CANNOT PLAY ONLINE!!) so he doesnt really play it any more. so i ask him if i could have it . he says sure so i get it and bring it home .now, i have a SLOW cd reading speed so i always mke an image and use daemon to read it. this worked good, untilit got patched with version 1.02.
now it asks for a diffrent cd. now i have to use my SLOOW cd drive because of da patch. safedisk is turned on, i dont no whats wrong! if maybe daemon got black listed in the patch? i dunno but i have one more problem. the cd key that i got from my frend ( which i KNOW is the one that came with the game, its still attatched and stuff) doesnt work online. this was before and after version 1.02. is this maybe because i made a bad image ? sumone pls help me!!