View Full Version : Volume names persist after eject/unmount

11.10.2006, 22:43
For some reason volume name... that is the name of the image that is mounted persist in explorer after the image has been ejected and/or unmounted. Furthermore, I've noticed that often even after an image has been unmounted the image information will still be present in explorer as if it were still mounted. That is I can still go to the deamon drive, open it up, look at the files, the folder structure, and see proper icons... yet of course when you try to actually open anything it says it can't "read" the disc. This is obviously some kind of an issue with XP's cache or explorer's cache. But it's persistent. What's more when mounting a new image I now often have to tell deamon tools to eject and load the image a few times to get explorer to function properly. The name of the first image to be mounted on that boot however presists no matter what I do. If the first image mounted had a volume name of "abc" then that drive will say that ABC until the computer is rebooted. It doesn't matter if I load XYZ, load and eject KLM, or whatever...

You can see why this is annoying.

12.10.2006, 21:43
Ensure auto insert notification (AIN) is active.