View Full Version : aWXDTools and DT 4.0.6 issue

12.10.2006, 03:39
I'm running DT 4.0.6 with STPD 1.29, XP SP2 x86, and awxdtools

Whenever I right click on ANY image file (.iso, .cue, etc) from onboard SATA HD's, or mapped network drives, I get a C++ error that crashes explorer.

I'm at work and can't do much testing (I don't want to kill my VNC connection), but I think this is mainly an issue with awxDTools (which I understand, you don't support/create). I was hoping to find out if I'm the only one with a problem.

12.10.2006, 04:26
You're best to contact author directly. There's some contact info here: http://www.hbreitner.de/awxdtools/