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12.10.2006, 21:22

I submitted a post on this already (got message saying it posted), but I cannot find the post anywhere, thus I'm posting again. I'm using 4.06 HE.

I am setting up a computer for my 2 kids (4 and 2) and would like them to be able to start their games w/o having to use the actual CD (since they'd break the tray right off). A friend suggested I create a CD image and then use Daemon Tools to mount the image.

So I was able to create the CD images (using Alcohol 120%) and am able to mount the image as well using Daemon Tools. However, now I'm trying to set up the shortcut to use the command line to mount the image and then autoplay. It works, but a dialog pops up each time asking:

"Secure mode confirmation for command line:" with the command info ("-mount 0, <path to image>).

I then have to hit OK/Yes before it will actually start.

First, is this the best way to accomplish what I'm trying to do (i.e. kid double clicks on icon and game starts up).

Second, if so, then what do I need to do to stop the dialog box from coming up.

Any other suggestions would be great too.


12.10.2006, 21:35
Ok, so I found some info on disabling secure mode in other posts..... but.....

Is there a better solution for getting my kids games to start? Or is disabling secure mode and using the command line in the shortcut the best way to go?


P.S. Does anyone wonder how we survived without the internet?!

12.10.2006, 22:49
YOu can use DaemonScript (see download section) to create scripts which need to be excecuted to mount the image and start the game automatically for example...