View Full Version : Blindwrite Image Problem

13.10.2006, 04:20
I cannot get DT 406 to recognise an image from Blindwrite

All I get is image not valid error.

Images are all burnable but are lager than 4.7GB

All images were read on a Pioneer A11XLB DVD burner.

any idea why?

13.10.2006, 06:07
Please send the b5t/b6t file to andareed@daemon-tools.cc Also include the exact error you receieve.

16.10.2006, 21:46
Hi there,

I have installed v4.0.6 and noticed the latest bw5mount.dll v1.1.0.0 was part of the install, so it's proabably not that.

But make sure

C:\Program Files\Daemon Tools\Plugins\Images

bw5mount.dll is v1.1.0.0 (Right Click) on the .DLL and check the version.

If it's not v1.1.0.0 you will have such error !

My 2 cents...