View Full Version : Help burning PC game with Alcohol 120%

13.10.2006, 04:59
Hello I am new to this forum... My question is fairly simple though. I purchased a game on Trygames.com called 18 Wheels Of Steel: Haulin' and have a copy stored on my sisters hard-drive. The thing is this is not the computer that I plan to play the game on, the computer I plan to use has no active internet connection and it is 30 miles away. I contacted ValuSoft and TryGames and they refuse to help me. Is there any way to burn a copy although it is stored only on my hard-drive and not on an actual physical CD??? I have Alcohol 120% but have no clue how to use it. Can anyone email or post step by step instructions on how to do this??? Please be quick because I am leaving my sisters to go back home tomorow where again I have no internet connection and I would like to bring this game home with me... I am no computer genius and if u guys could help that would be very greatly appreciated, Thank you!!

13.10.2006, 09:48
My first guess is no. I think you downloaded a small exe file which then, after execution, downloads the game content to your harddrive and activates it. So, without internet connection no playing.

Edit: Also, Valuesoft / Trygames clearly say that you must have an internet connection to install your game on another computer. (http://csc.trymedia.com/csc/question/publisher=valusoft/contentid=57264f38eeec1f52e9ef0936e561a703/offering=60m_d/affiliate=trygames/question=activation_3/position=0_4/index.html)

13.10.2006, 14:23
Thank u so much for the quick reply!!! I am going to buy the physical CD copy at Best Buy later on today... So far I've been on this site for about 12 hrs and am already completely satisfied!!! Thank you FordPrefect!!