View Full Version : Daemon Tools & RAID 0

15.10.2006, 17:14
Hello guys.

Last time I installed the Daemon Tools the RAID 0 I have with my 2 HDs was gone.

Now I fix the problem, but I'm afraid to install DT again and have the same problem. If this happend I'll lost every file I have in my HDs.

When I'm about to install the DT, the following message apears:

"This program will install SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) Layer on your computer.
WARNING - SPTD is not compatible with kernel mode debuggers (SoftICE, WinDBG etc.)!
Please cancel setup if you plan to use Kernel debugger on this machine."

Then comes the question:

There's any relation between the Daemon Tools and the RAID system?
The DT cause any imcompatibility with RAID 0???

I aways used DT and I was to use it again.

Thank you for the atention.

16.10.2006, 04:55
That message you quoted is simply an informational message. If you plan to use debuggers on your system, then DTools will simply not function if they're enabled. If you're that worried, make a backup image before installing.