View Full Version : Removal of driver with mounted image

15.10.2006, 21:46
I uninstalled deamon tools thinking that everything would be removed, even the driver that had an image mounted on it. This was not the case, and now I have a false driver on my pc that cannot be removed because it believes there is a disk in it. How do I solve this problem?


16.10.2006, 00:13
reinstall, unmount, uninstall...

should do the trick

16.10.2006, 01:27
I think I tried this already but I'll give it another shot. Thanks.

16.10.2006, 04:18
I think in the past I did reinstall and the result was daemon tools recognizing the false drive as an existing drive having nothing to do with daemon. So there was nothing I could do. I'd like to try this again, however; after trying to install it I had the sptd problem that seems to be somewhat common. So I booted it in safemode and changed the sptd value to 4 (disabled). I guess that means I can't run the most up to date version? Before I tried installing daemon tools, was the sptd value set to 4 (disabled) already, or was it set to 0? So after all this, I'm still not sure how to proceed with getting rid of this false drive.

16.10.2006, 11:00
Remove Daemon Tools, and SPTD layer, then reboot.
Check if the following key is deleted, if not remove it (if you get error about permissions, just enable them in registry editor for cfg key):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\SPTD
Reboot again, then re-install Daemon Tools.

18.10.2006, 01:33
I was busy yesterday to have a crack at it, but today I looked and that false drive was gone. So I deleted the iso and things I think are okay. So the sptd is created by daemon tools then? And if so, it should not be on my system anymore correct? And if that's the case, the value 0 or 4 is insignificant right?


19.10.2006, 18:09
Hi, how do you delete the SPTD layer?