View Full Version : Question about two games using SecuROM 4.8*

08.10.2003, 05:36
Anno 1503 1.04 SecuROM 4.84.60 0079
Master Of Orion III SecuROM

I own both these games, and have taken these version numbers off of the Game Database on Daemon Tools site.

I had to use Alcohol to rip Master of Orion 3 with DPM set in order for the game to play off of the image, however with Anno 1503 (or 1503 A.D. in the USA) i did not have to use Alcohol to rip it with.

I suppose the question i have is, is there that big a difference between the two versions of SecuROM, that one would require DPM to run, and not the other? How can i be sure that i have made a good image/are there any better resources as to profile-like information on these protections?

The reason i ask, is because i am now transferring all (hundreds) of my cds into image format for storage, and putting away the cds, but years down the road, i dont want to have to come back and do it all over again because i screwed something up, or didnt understand something.

I have been using clonecd to rip with, and already have ~100 images out of 400-500 cds, should i switch over to copying them with Alcohol? As it does seem to have more accurate managements of all things copy related, opinions here are welcome.

I dont have but a small handful of new-er games, so for the most part, copying is basically a cakewalk. Some of the older stuff ive gotten over the years isnt in such great shape anymore, and im glad that the chance to take up this project has come around when i had a lot of time free. Id just hate to have to re-do them later for any reason, and want to make sure im on the right track.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide. :)


08.10.2003, 05:57
Upon further inspection, 1503 A.D. uses Safedisk v2.80.010. Apparently the american version is different than the europen versions. Still my question stands, is there any program/database out there that gives warnings and recommendations for each set of copy protections? How to avoid them in tripping you up and whatnot?


08.10.2003, 06:09
Try Alcoholer + ClonyXXL: http://www.alcoholer.com/

08.10.2003, 06:23
1503 A.D. - The New World - US-English- Safedisk v2.80.010: 1503Startup.exe

CD#1 (install cd) Seems to use SecuROM 4.8*
CD#2 (playdisk) Seems to use Safedisk v2.80.010

Or atleast that is what i have determined using ClonyXXL 2015 and SafediscAnalyser 3.4.

Okay, now my question is, how do i identify the exact version of SecuROM 4.8 on the install disk, and do i need to use DPM when i re-rip it, if i ever intend to burn it to a cd, or will my previously clone-cd rip be fine?