View Full Version : Hard Drive creates crackling sound

17.10.2006, 05:19
I have a rather interesting problem here. On all computers, there is a slight sound as the CD drive spins up, somewhat of a humming sound which increases as the CD spins more quickly, and also as data is read from the CD.

My problem is related to this. After I installed DAEMON tools, my computer read the hard drive as a CD drive (which of course it's supposed to do), and now the hard drive is causing my computer to do the same thing.

Instead of a barely detectable hum, every time the hard drive is used to access data, it makes a crackling sound through my speakers. When downloading a file, or starting a program, or anything else hard drive intensive, it is horrible as the crackling disrupts everything else.

-I am certain that this started when I installed DAEMON tools
-It's not my hard drive, I've tested it out on a different drive as well
-I have not tried uninstalling DAEMON tools, but I am doubtful that doing that would stop the sound.

So I'm asking, does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone found a way to stop this from happening? Maybe is there some way to disable the CD -> Speaker sound all together?