View Full Version : DT 4.06 and MacDrive

17.10.2006, 13:24
Hi All

I was happy to see on the front page tha issues with DT and MacDrive has been dealt with.

However, I am still having the same issues with 4.06 (X86 version) as I had with the previous version.

MacDrive works fine untill the SCSI driver is installed, then it will not see any Mac Formatted disks,

Unfortunatly I do not have any alternative to using a few Mac Formatted drives at the moment (At least untill OSX can write to NTFS)

Has anyone got these two programs co-existing succesfully?
Am I doing something wrong, or have some of the bugs been ironed out, with some still existing?

Any help will be very welcome


17.10.2006, 13:26
Please wait for next version, it should fix the issue for good.

17.10.2006, 14:03
Thanks for the speedy reply.

17.10.2006, 19:51

I am exactely in the same situation.

Could you tell us when does the next release of SPTD driver is expected ?