View Full Version : Vista RC2 Not working for daemon tools!!

17.10.2006, 22:12
For some reason, when i installed RC2 for windows vista, Daemon tools suddenly doesnt work. It shows a message talking about kernal debuggers and having the right version of daemon tools.
I also tried reinstalling it, although it just quits right after you press yes or no for a window that asks if you are sure you want to install it, and if you will use kernal debugger, not to use it.
I think many people are having this problem, but i cant seem to find it with the loads of problems cramped into one thread.

Can someone please help me? im so confused :confused:

18.10.2006, 04:44
First, make sure DT is completed cleaned from your system:
* Stop the DT system service
* Uninstall the sptd driver
* Open device manager, show other devices, uninstall
* Delete sptd*.* from %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers
* Run regedit and search for sptd.sys, delete all nodes found

You may need to reboot once to complete the steps above. When done, reboot to ensure a clean system.

Run the DT installer, and reboot when it asks you to do so. If you say no, it will not be installed even if you reboot later. After reboot, installation resumes and all should be good.