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18.10.2006, 14:41
How do I make a CD Image for Daemon Tools?

18.10.2006, 17:09
To create an image which can be mounted by DT you need a program such Alcohol 52/120% or Blindwrite,...
If you want to create an image of a game cd/dvd then you need to use ALcohol/Blindwrite to break the copy protections (Nero can also create images but that images do not contain the necessary data which is needed to break some protections).
So the best thing is to use ALcohol 52% (free-version available for privat use only: http://www.free-downloads.net/programs/Alcohol_52__Free_Edition).
Then install it and use the Image Making Wizard to create your images. Alcohol has profiles for CD images which can be chosen at the first page of the WIzard, so if you want to get a working image then scan the protection of the CD with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID and chose the correct profile. Then you automatically have the right read settings.
If you want to create images of DVD then you need to chose the correct settings by yourself.
To play the game using the image you just need to mount (see Daemon-tols help how to mount images) the image with DT/Alcohol and play.... With newer games/protections you need to use some antiblacklisting tools to get rid of the blacklisting.