View Full Version : Daemon Tools, what exactly?

19.10.2006, 02:59
So, I downloaded Daemon tools. I know it can run/play DVDs without a CD if you have the files on your computer by simulating a drive, but will they run games for PS2/etc directly from your computer?

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19.10.2006, 08:43
Same here, not sure what the hell it does exactly. I mean, I was looking into it to get it to let me play my games without having to use the CD.

19.10.2006, 10:33
Yes, if you have an emulator.

20.10.2006, 05:24
how do I get an emulator? And also, am I able to make it work with any game? Including games like Black & White 2 and Fable?

23.10.2006, 10:16
You have to make a good image of your game with e.g. Alcohol 52% or 120% (http://www.alcohol-soft.com/) . This refers to both PC and PS2 games. Visit the Alcohol-Soft Forum to find out how to do this and / or use the search function here.
Additionally you need a PS2 ( or whatever ) emulator to play console games on a PC.
Google is your friend.:wink: