View Full Version : Please help me my computer crashes after installing Daemon tools!

20.10.2006, 03:12
My computer crashes after installing daemon tools or alcohol 120. It just becomes too slow. Even it takes like 5mins to open the start menu. So I have to use system recovery everytime it happens i really need to use this software please help me what's wrong whit it. My laptop is Fujitsu. I used to have another fujitsu's laptop and this same problem happened to my old laptop too. Why is that?
Windows XP Professional
Intel Centrino

20.10.2006, 16:28
Please check system event log for error messages (run eventvwr.msc).

20.10.2006, 22:56
there are some error messages. So what do i do now?

21.10.2006, 10:33
If there are error messages regarding SPTD or Daemon Tools SCSI controller (some random name), post the whole message incl. all binary bytes.

29.10.2006, 15:51
hi, i have this problem also. my computer just slow down, it doesn't stop responding but it takes an hour to open even a single folder. i use system restore, and it's ok. i don't know why but with a new dvdwriter my computer does the same thing.. please someone help :confused: