View Full Version : Do I need to burn GTA:Vice City as R.M.P.S

10.10.2003, 02:13
okey, I`ve got the image of GTA: Vice City!
now do I need to do it like the R.M.P.S. walkthrough says.. since VC is SecureRom v4.8 http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?s=88774402f5785aa681c9ebdc8c38306b&act=ST&f=18&t=1531&st=0&

or can I just Image burn with Alcohol120% and then play it as normal of the CD.. without mounting, or if I made another image of the cd I just burned.. will it work? (probertly need to Emulate Daemon-Tools then?, or??)

10.10.2003, 10:32
You can either play form mounted image, or write it to cd-r(w) with RMPS option, then play from cd-r(w) with RMPS-emulation.

10.10.2003, 19:13
oh okey! so if I just use normal 1:1 copy from Daemon-Tools when I`ve loaded the image... and then make it again after I made a cd!

ahh, and a little detail question:
if I burn it like the R.M.P.S. and make an image.. do I need the emulate it then??

13.10.2003, 12:27
Why would you want to make an image of your RMPS disc?

Whatever, you'll either need to activate RMPS emulation while making the image of your RMPS disc and rip it with Alcohol set to Securom *NEW v4.x or disable RMPS emulation and rip it with Alcohol set to SecuROM NEW.

For playing from the RMPS disc's image, you won't need emulation - you'll only need emulation for real CDRs, for images the appropriate emulation will be automatically activated.