View Full Version : Re-distribute Deamon Tools?

22.10.2006, 10:48
I am a long time user of deamon tools and consider it one of (if not) the best must have programs I use.
My question is can I re-distribute Deamon Tools (most recent release) with a CD/DVD I am thinking of making and selling.

The CD/DVD will be a complimation of many (100+) Freeware Programs/Files/Images/Etc, I will NOT be Charging for any additional rights to any software on the CD/DVD and will be including the full un-modified binary as available from your website.
Could you please advise me if this is OK and What else i should include (Trademarks,ULA) other than what is already included in the binary.


23.10.2006, 07:47
This would have been better suited to an e-mail. I'm sure they prefer handling these requests in that fashion.

23.10.2006, 09:35
Yea, It would have been better to email instead of post but i though that because the posts are checked before being put up a general answer would be good for others with the same sort of question.:)