View Full Version : Removing Easy CD Creator

10.10.2003, 21:15
Operating System: Win XP Pro SP1a
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: NAV 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Okay. Uninstalled ECDCreator and still had the problem that XP won't boot, and only a Last Known Good boot will work again, giving me the Virtual SCSI error. So, I removed Daemon-Tools, rebooted, and tried the Feurio System check, but nothing in the list of possibly problematic drivers screams out Adaptec, and some are for my Bluetooth device which I can't/won't just turn off.

So, I removed Feurio, rebooted, and scoured the registry manually for Adaptec, Roxio, and anything else I could find related to ECDC, deleting it all. Still have the same problem.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? If this isn't going to work, then I'll just run out and buy Alcohol. If THAT'S not even going to work, then to hell with it. I'll just keep switching CD's.

11.10.2003, 04:42
in another thread you mentioned your UPnP-router, can you remove it to test if this caused the trouble?

11.10.2003, 15:51
Well, the UPnP is neither enabled on either the router nor on the PC I'm trying to install Daemon Tools on. The PC in question has a static IP address and a wireless card. As far as it's concered, the router is nothing more than another computer on the network. Do you really think that could have caused the problem?

11.10.2003, 21:33
These drivers have no words 'Roxio' or 'Adaptec' in registry.
Check for cdralw2k.sys and cdr4_xp.sys drivers.

20.10.2003, 21:40
Neither of those files reside anywhere on my PC nor anywhere in the registry. Any other suggestions?