View Full Version : Safe Mode Issues after Uninstall

23.10.2006, 07:21
Hello, i was directed here by another support forum, you will find the link to that issue here (http://www.techsupportforum.com/showthread.php?p=674306#post674306)

My computer will not boot into safe mode. I had an infection on my machine and went to clean it out. When i attempted to do a dos scan in safe mode, i got a blue screen that said windows has shut down from an error. I assumed this was part of the infection, but the other support forum informed me that this may have been because of my uninstallation of DT. My computer now runs relatively fine, there are no virus-like symptoms that i can see, but i am still unable to boot into safe mode.

30.10.2006, 21:20
Thanks guys youve been a real help....