View Full Version : 4.06 = missing CD/DVD drive

24.10.2006, 05:49
It's missing from the windows Device Manager, and also from the "My Computer" page. Bios detects the device. I've tried the registry fix, but the two registry entries mentioned (Upper and Lower) do not exist. I've tried unplugging, restarting, replugging and restarting, but it did not help.

This is a brand new DVD burner just purchased two weeks ago, which worked flawlessly before installing Daemon Tools.

I need my CD/DVD drive to work, with or without Daemon Tools.

Can anyone help?

24.10.2006, 18:27
can you give us some info about youre pc hardware?? motherboard etc...

24.10.2006, 19:44
Motherboard: Gigabyte DQ6
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
RAM: 2gigs Corsair DDR2-800
GPU: Nvidia 6600GT
Hard Drive: Several Hard drives

24.10.2006, 22:17
You must disable Alcohol's Ignore Media Type option.

24.10.2006, 23:51
I don't have a program called Alcohol installed.