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25.10.2006, 08:39
Can someone tell me why DaemonTools adds a root Certificate to my computer, if it was the installer at all?

The Certificate path of the program is

Generic Root Trust CA
- DAEMON Tools Root CA
- Daemon Tools Code Signing Services

25.10.2006, 13:52
Because Daemon Tools is digitally signed. That way you can be sure you have an unmodified copy.

25.10.2006, 15:17
But how does the Root certificate get installed in the first place without my knowing or permission. Doesn't this go against the whole idea of root certificates? How can I trust a program whos certificate was signed by themselves? Where does this cert come from?

25.10.2006, 20:46
It's not about whether you trust DTools or not. If you don't trust them, don't install it. It's about whether a copy you downloaded from another site is infected with viruses or some such. If it's digitally signed, then it's the same file you can download directly from here. If it's not digitally signed, then someone's been hacking around with the file and you know not to install it.

25.10.2006, 21:00
I guess you are not really getting the jist of what I am asking, why was a root certificate installed by DaemonTools without my express permission and where was it stated that a root certificate would be installed. Don't get me wrong I have used DT for a long time and am really happy, but since this whole WhereU crap I am really weary of what DT installs and what it does not. Can someone clarify this please!

25.10.2006, 22:44
Root certificate is being installed by SPTD setup from Duplex Secure as part of its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) used to verify integrity of files being installed.
Duplex Secure is legal software publisher and its setup
is signed by Verisign Class 3 certificate (you can check it in file properties) so I hope you won't think it is malware.;)
If you have more questions then contact Duplex Secure.

26.10.2006, 07:43
thanks :-)