View Full Version : Hang with 4.06 and Windows 2003: some details

mycroft holmes
25.10.2006, 09:48

I have been using 4.03 without any problem.
The system is an old pentium3 server with windows 2003 and it shares some iso images which are compressed by NTFS and are stored on a physically different hard drive (H:)

Since I upgraded to 4.06 I'm experiencing the following problems:

1) when I reboot with an image mounted, on the next reboot at some point, when windows is loading its startup items (thus you see icons in tray), D.T. lock H:, so explorer.exe hungs and similarly each program which tries to enumerate partitions.
they cannot even be killed and the system does not shut down.

workaround: boot in safe mode, skip D.T. driver, rename the directory where isos are, reboot.

2) the same (rarely) happens even if no cd is mounted, but strangely THE WORKAROUND IS THE SAME.
I would guess that on reboot, D.T. forgets that an iso has been unmounted and it tries to lock it again.

I'll revert to 4.03 in the meanwhile

31.10.2006, 04:42

Your workaround allowed me to get back into Windows XP.

Now if only I could get a working combination of Daemon Tools and SPTD. However 4.03 doesn't appear to be in the downloads section.

The support staff here has recommended it on MANY posts but heck if they could provide a link.

31.10.2006, 10:38
Try to install SPTD 1.35 and then try to get 4.06 working.

31.10.2006, 18:11
You can get it here: