View Full Version : DT 4.06 replaced drive letter in use

26.10.2006, 00:25
I realize this is minor, but thought it should be noted.

I had drive letters X, and Y taken by physical devices, and drive letter Z was taken by a DT virtual drive. When I tried to enable a second virtual drive daemon tools tried to assign the second drive to a letter that was allready taken by another physical drive (drive letter D). Apparently it doesn't look for an open drive letter after hitting the end of the alphabet, it just overwrites from the beginning.

Was I clear on that? I could explain better if needed I guess.

I'm on XP SP2 with daemon tools 4.06.

26.10.2006, 17:26
Drive letter assignment is handled by Windows, not by DTools. You can manually change the drive letters of your drives after the fact with DTools, but initially it's handled by Windows directly.