View Full Version : Can't uninstall and unmount?

27.10.2006, 00:04
There is it.

If I try to open DEAMON Tools without ejecting all of the the DVD drives (My computer > Right click on the DVD drives and eject), the PC freezes and I have to shut it down by pressing the button.

When I try to unmount all, it shows always the "Please wait..." message and the program is like frozen, it does nothing.

When I try to uninstall it by C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\unist.exe, the program just opens and do nothing, but it appears in the Task Manager, and I can't close the process.

When I try to uninstall the program by the Add & Remove programs thing, my PC just froze.

I read the topic about removing DEAMON Tools (C:\System32\Drivers\dtscsi.sys\) and there is no such file in my system.

My OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2
DEAMON Tools: version 4.06
No other emulation software, no burning software

27.10.2006, 23:50
Nevermind, I formated my computer and reinstalled Windows XP.

I'll try to make DEAMON Tools 4.06 work again.

28.10.2006, 22:32
I tried DEAMON Tools 4.6 again, and I got the SAME problem.

This time, if DEAMON Tools 4.6 runs at startup, explorer.exe freezes, I can't close it, and I got all the same problems from my other post.

I think the installer doesn't install all the files because I don't have DEAMON Tools 4.6 in my Start > All Programs folder.

Can someone tell me all the created files when the installation finishes?


29.10.2006, 20:41
Please remove Daemon Tools v4.06 incl. SPTD layer and install continue to use v4.03 until next version is released.

01.11.2006, 13:27
Or try installing the updated SPTD 1.35.

07.11.2006, 13:18
i had the same problem as you described here i made a thread about it there (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t14781-major-problems-with-ntfscompressed-maxi-images.html) maybe your problem is the same was the file you mounted compressed with data commpression?