View Full Version : What is the diference between x64 and x86? Which one should I D/L[I'm newbies, Sorry]

27.10.2006, 03:17
1. What is the diference between v4.06 x64 and x86 version?
I'm newbies here, I'm very confuse with this 2 version(x64,x86) so I don't know which one is suitable for my PC.
2. Which one should I D/L if my computer spec is ........?
1.) Athlon64 3000+ (32bits) and WindowXP sp2
2.) Intel P4 3.0 slot478 (32 bits) and WindowXP sp2 too.

Thanks to everyone.

27.10.2006, 08:06
For 64bit processors such as AMD's Athlon 64 there is a version of Windows that's explicitly designed to take advantage of the 64bit architecture. That is Windows XP x64.

However, that doesn't mean that the 'regular' (i.e. 32bit) Windows doesn't run on 64 bit processors, neither is it significantly slower. In fact, the x64 version does have its severe drawbacks.

You are using the 'regular' 32bit version of Windows XP, which is fine and I recommend you keep doing. As such, you'll need the 32bit version of Daemon Tools as well.