View Full Version : CAN U MOUNT IMAGES FROM 'ORIGINAL GAME CD' ??? e.g. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.

13.10.2003, 03:17
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero v5.5 & CloneCD v4.0.1.10
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2002 Pro
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.41

Hi... iam new eRe..

ermm.. juz wanted to know if u can mount images from original game CD such as 'Roller Coaster Tycoon 2'.. :lol:

iam too lazy to put the CD in and out everytime i wana play the game..lolz
if there is a way... reply in detailz.. thnx..

any suggestions wuld be greatly appreciated.. :D

bye..:) *waves*[/b]

13.10.2003, 03:49
of course you can mount images of original cd's. You only have to
create an image with one of the well-knowned Tools (f.e. Alcohol120%, Blindwrite) and mount it with
Daemon Tools

13.10.2003, 04:00
but i can't find any image file in the original CD..

wat u mentioned.. does tat process include burning another copy of the original..and create the image while burning??

i juz wana mount the original CD.. dun want anotha copy of the original..

is dere a way to mount the original CD?? if there is..can u plz xplain it clearly..
thnx alot.. :D


13.10.2003, 05:09
I advice you to read the "Daemon Tools Help"

in short words:

create image of your original CD's (Use f.e. Alcohol120% and click on "Image Making Wizard" and follow the instructions.
Search in our "Game Database" for the protection of the game and use the equivalent image profile. You can also read some of our postings here, f.e. in the "General Copy Discussion" Forum

13.10.2003, 05:43
koolZ.. thnx man..

ermm.i gotta problem nowz..

i've made an image (*.mds) total of 551.8MB and it's on my virtual drive (V:).. wen i click on the game.. it wont load..

wats the problem there?? *confused* :shock:

i used Alcohol 120% to create d image..

13.10.2003, 10:04
can sum1 plz reply to the previous question.. i need to fix the problem..

if u noe wahs happing..can u plz tell mi wah to do in detailz.. thnx alot..
bye. :lol:

13.10.2003, 10:29
If the game is protected with SecuROM 4.8x you've to create image with DPM data (SecuROM NEW 4.x profile in Alcohol).

13.10.2003, 10:44
iam really sowie to bother u..buh i dun really get it... :?

i used Alcohol 120% as you mentioned.. and i created an image file (*.mds) and the original CD is protected by SecuROM..(i derno wah version.. [Rollercoster Tycoon 2] ...

ermm.. i mounted the image onto 1 of the virtual drives ( V: )
then i took my original CD out of my DVD drive...and i click on the game to play it.. nufing happened..it wont even load..

it seems like the computer has juz ignored tat "double click"onto RCT2.EXE ..lolz :lol:

ermm.. can u plz tell mi wah to do in detailz.. thnx... btw..iamma newb.. so if u can make the solution as simple as possible... it wuld be greatly appreciated.. thnx, bye.