View Full Version : the program dont want to be installed on RC2

28.10.2006, 16:19

i DL the latest version' ran it and i get this massage:


after this massage pops up - i confirm and the installation terminates! what?!

29.10.2006, 10:05
Did you try clicking on "OK" , and then next on the License Agreement? Also don't install the Optional Whenu Savenow Daemon-Tools Searchbar, Unless You have a fast internet connection, and really want to support the development of the free version of daemon-tools;)

29.10.2006, 10:11
There should be a .bat file in the forum which fix this issue, you have to search the forum, i dont have link atm.


It terminates after license agreement, he cant choose WhenU ...

29.10.2006, 17:06
Oops sorry, I didn't see that part at first where he mentioned that cause of the huge screenshot, my fault:D.