View Full Version : daemon tool freez my computer

28.10.2006, 21:31
hi !
sometimes when i mount image (like Dark messiah, 7 go) my computer freeze !
why ?

ps: where is my first post ? deleted ?

28.10.2006, 23:52
How did you create the image, which program and settings.
What version of dt do you use?

Sorry, i don't know where is your first post.

29.10.2006, 00:04
Forum is moderated, it needs time for post to appear.

29.10.2006, 06:15
my post where in the forum friday and saturday morning ! and not saturday night ! lol

It's a mdf file with alocohol (last version), setting of daemon tool all emulation on and all option by default
important the image is on an usb drive...
thanks for your help

29.10.2006, 12:54
Does your computer freeze when image on hard drive and not on an usb drive, too?

And which settings did you set in alcohol for image creation?

29.10.2006, 13:42
I'd recommend you try my thread.