View Full Version : Oops, RC1 -> RC2 upgrade

31.10.2006, 14:11
Well, basically I upgraded to RC2 without uninstalling Daemon Tools...I have uninstalled the SPTD Drivers (out of the Registry too) but I can't get Daemon Tools out, every time I try to Uninstall I get "setup is unable to validate installation" and when I try the setup I get "failed to open service key"

...What do I do?

- Alex

01.11.2006, 18:42
Did you reboot after SPTD removal?
Did you try to install SPTD layer v1.35 yet?

02.11.2006, 05:46
I posted the solution to your problem here: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t14602-major-issues-with-vista-rc2-build-5744-with-solutions-to-some-issues.html. Hopefully you won't have the other problem that I'm having now.