View Full Version : Found New Hardware

31.10.2006, 17:11
Just installed v4 and now I can't get rid of this 'Found New Hardware' wizard. I've uninstalled daemon tools, uninstalled sptd and I am still getting this 'Found New Hardware'.

If I try to find the drivers for the hardware is comes back to tell me can't find any software for it. I end up with an unknown device in my device manager.

I want this removed! There has got to be a way to tottal get rid of this stuff without a format/reinstall!

And yes, I've read all the threads on 'removing' v4 and sptd.

31.10.2006, 17:29
DId you change sth. with your hardware?

02.11.2006, 16:58
Try pointing it to C:\Windows\inf\cdrom.inf