View Full Version : No CD identification after uninstalling Alcohol 120

Den Sethos
01.11.2006, 13:08
I installed and then uninstalled Alcohol 120 Trial and since then, the CDs I insert in my drive cannot be identified. Which means I can't install anything using 2 CDs or even use a program using a protected CD.
I would have formatted my HD, had it not been for the fact I lost the installation CDs of some of my programs.

Does anyone know a solution? I left a message at the Alcohol 120 forum, but it would seem there are not exactly eager to solve the problems their software causes.

01.11.2006, 19:19
have you tried disabling "Ignore Media Type" under Options - Emulation.

Den Sethos
01.11.2006, 19:38
I found a work-around - and not thanks to the Alcohol team. I installed the CloneCD program and used the Tools menu to turn on the Automatic Insertion Notification (which was the defective element after the installation of Alcohol).

The Alcohol team claims it is not their fault, that their program does not cause that type of problem, however there were already messages concerning the same issue as mine. It would seem their program is not as innocuous as they claim it to be.

02.11.2006, 12:49
Seems like Robbo was trying to help you....and he's a member of the Support Team.

Den Sethos
02.11.2006, 14:20
Well, since I specified that I had already uninstalled Alcohol, I do not see how I could have used its functions to reactivate the AIN.

I am generally lenient when it comes to problems like that one, but I was not the first to report it to the team and all they could say was: "we do not know anything about it". As said: "faut pas prendre les enfants du bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages".

02.11.2006, 14:32
If you had contacted Alcohol Support then you would have been told the samething that I told which is exactly the same as enabling Automatic Insertion Notification, we do not tell anyone that a problem isnt caused by Alcohol unless we are damn sure that it isnt the cause.

We have found your Topic in the Alcohol Forum you were asked to provide a System Report which we require for all users of the Trial Version Forum, nowhere did anybody say that Alcohol does not cause this, the Support Team member even went as far to say that AIN could be the problem.

There is nothing in Alcohol that prevents Windows from recognizing the contents of a disc. Sounds like AIN is messed up.

Den Sethos
04.11.2006, 16:36
How was I supposed to give a System Report since I had uninstalled it and changed a few settings since then?

Anyway, problem is solved. I would just suggest that you provide a warning and a work around in the next version, so as to avoid putting potential customers on the brink of rage and spare yourself a dose of bother.