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01.11.2006, 20:59
after installing SPTD and DT and after reboot, the system hangs up when I run DT. It freez on the initial screet with "Please wait...". I tried DT 4.06 and 4.03, SPTD 1.29, 1.25 and 1.35. I also tried a new clean installation of Win XP Professional with SP2 and without SP2, but without success. The system hangs every time when I start DT. I thing it depends on scsiport.sys. When I rename this file I can start DT, but DT can't create a virtual drive. The version is 5.1.2600.2180.

System is:
Medion Notebook
Pentium IV 2.6 GHz
80GB HDD Western Digital
CD-RW/DVD combo
Windows XP Professional with SP2 and all updates after SP2

I hope someboy can help me


02.11.2006, 08:56
I don't know why but i have the same problem. When i'll installed Daemon Tools the whole system will be hang up.

Everytime when a program try to read on the Virtual Drive the explorer hangs and the taskbar is unclickable and without any functions.

Way to uninstall Daemon Tools:
Unmount Image from Virtual Drive by rightclick on it and to Eject. Then download the SPTD Driver and run it with the parameter remove.

This will uninstall the whole SPTD Driver. After that you can uninstall Daemon Tools. Otherwise the System will be hang up every try when you unmount it over Daemon Tools.

I don't understand it but why has WinXP "NOW" problems and not further?

Newest SPTD Drivers won't work.

Tested Versions of Daemon Tools:
DT 4.06, 4.03

Don't think that DT unter V4 will work.

Next Try:

Alcohol 120% is using the same SPTD Drivers. We'll see if the problem will happen again.

greetings from germany

Windows XP SP2 (All Updates)
AMD 2800+

02.11.2006, 22:14

I got the same problem..

Dunno what caused it but after fresh windows xp sp2 install it still didnt work.

Alcohol 120% doesnt work either..

Hopefully it will be fixed or a solution will be brought..

Greetz Nub

03.11.2006, 21:02
Did you test with the most recent version of Alcohol that was just released?