View Full Version : Problems Defraging Computer

02.11.2006, 01:01
I installed both Daemon's Tools and Alcohol 52% in an attempt to get a CD working. I ended up buying it instead just because I couldn't ever get the blacklisting off the CD. My problem is I cannot defrag my computer any longer because it says:

Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chdsk is scheduled to run on the volume: (C:).
Please run Chdsk /f.

My computer is a laptop and I only have one disk drive. I am not sure how this problem occured but I did switch on 2 device drivers when I had Daemon Tools which I believe created a E and an F drive. I tried reinstalling DT and then adding the device and then uninstalling it and then uninstalling the program the correct way and still wasn't able to fix the problem. If anyone has the slightest idea to help me it would be great cause I defintly am not looking forward to having to reformat my computer ;(

Sorry if this problem has been posted elseware!