View Full Version : A few error messages

02.11.2006, 18:57

I just wanted to install the latest version of Daemon Tools on my fresh Windows XP Installation.

I downloaded the files, and started it, then i was asked for something i just clicked OK guess that was right, rebooted my computer and finished DTools installation.

When i want to start DT it says "Invalid Device".
I also tried uninstalling DT and reinstalling, same error.

The next thing is that i got a "!" in the Device Manager infront of a "SCSI/RAID Host Controller" i dont have a clue wtf that is...

I tried to remove it, rebooted the computer but it was still there saying there are not enough resources.

Help would be nice...

02.11.2006, 20:43
Which error code is mentioned in device manager?
In case of code 12 please wait for next Daemon Tools version.