View Full Version : Big Problem in Vista b5840, please fix it

05.11.2006, 17:44
I'm using Vista ultimate build 5840. I installed D-Tools 4.06 and it can run well. But, I re-install Vista yesterday(the same copy of DVD, the same version) , using Update Mode. After the Update, D-Tools can never run... it tell me :

"initialization error 0."

I can find "DAEMON TOOLS" group in the Programs Menu, but the "Uninstall" function not work:

"Setup is unable to validate installion"

and, I cannot find DAEMON TOOLS in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

I tryed to re-install DAEMON TOOLS, but when I process to the installation of SPTD, the installer dispears...

I thought the SPTD cause the problem, and then I download the newest version(1.35) of SPTD and try to install it, but It cannot work...

I don't know what to do now...

P.S. My english is not so good, I wish you can understand my words...thx :)

05.11.2006, 19:56
Considering 5480 is an older version (5744 is the current RC2 build), you won't see a fix for it. DTools devs are working on compatibility with Vista, but they will not go back and fix problems with older beta versions.

05.11.2006, 20:48

He means Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5840 (Pre-RTM), not 5480.

05.11.2006, 22:49
Seems that upgrading does not work:

http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=14145 Post #17

06.11.2006, 00:35
SPTD 1.35 fixed a problem with vista upgrade.

Do you see any sptd entres in eventvwr.msc -> System? If so, post full details.

06.11.2006, 01:00
Oops, meh bad. :)

08.11.2006, 13:29
I had a problem trying to install Vista 5840 from XP with Daemon-tools. I can mount the .iso-image, but when the installation starts (I click Start Installation/setup), then a compatibility report that is totally empty appears and I can only click Close and then I return to the first menu again. Try again and you loop, loop etc. No error or nothing useful in the compatibility report. Anyone else has that problem? I burned the .iso-file to a dvd and it installed fine from dvd-boot so the iso is fine. Perhaps there is something wrong with 5840 that has nothing to do with DT?