View Full Version : Can't rip mounted CDs into iTunes, Vista RC2

06.11.2006, 02:42
Often I'm given concerts and other performances in the FLAC/SHN formats, and I find the best way to import these into my iTunes library is by burning them to images with Nero, then mounting with Dameon Tools and ripping into iTunes with the Apple Lossless codec. A bit of a roundabout solution, sure, but it's quick and leads to no loss in quality...anyway, I've been doing this for well over a year but recently found that it stopped working under Vista RC2 (SPTD 1.35) with iTunes 7.0.2. What happens is if I click Import in iTunes it'll put little 0kb files in my library...if I try playing tracks off the mounted image, it only plays the first second and skips to the next song. It does, however, see the CD's contents, shows the true track times, and fetches CDDB data. It also plays/rips fine in other players such as Windows Media Player, but I'd like this working in iTunes and don't really wish to hear any alternate solutions for importing music. Any ideas/help are greatly appreciated.

Another bug with Vista, albeit a minor one, is that awxDTools doesn't give me the Mount Image dialog (or any dialog for that matter), when I right click a .cue file. It does, however, work splendidly for .NRG, .ISO, etc. Help with that would be appreciated as well, I've tried the Re-Register Extension shortcut in the Start Menu but it didn't change anything.

Thanks for reading.