View Full Version : Roxio Easy CD Creator 5

17.10.2003, 19:22
Operating System: Win Xp
Burning Software: Roxio
Anti-virus Software: Nav 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Hi at all!
I just want to install daemon tools 341 but also on installation an error occurs and interrupts the installation process.
I have heard about the problems with Roxio-Software and also I am not sure if this is also the reason for my problem I am really :twisted: on Roxio what a f... they produce.
So my question:
How can I remove the Easy CD Creator. I have allready uninstalled but this does not help. Also Feurios Software does not help. So what should I do?
Because I am not able do format my Harddisk.

Thanks for help!
cya Hallo

17.10.2003, 19:30
How can I help if you don't even say what error is displayed?

17.10.2003, 19:45
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Here the Message:
"Device setup error: code 25017 (0x61B9)
122 (0x7A). Contact your support personnel"

I hope this helps you to help me! :|