View Full Version : Random Reboots on 2003 R2

06.11.2006, 16:08
Random reboots, varying BSOD errors.

For the history and reason I've posted here, please see

Windows Server 2003 R2 (Version 5.2.3790)
All service packs and patches

Previously 4.03, updated today to 4.06
Previousy sptd.sys v1.25, updated today to 1.35 (via 1.29 with DT4.06)

Also have Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 Build 4327

NOT using easy cd creator?

I've seen previous reports of problems with Win2003, so if the memory dump and info in the link above can help track anything then all the better. Also, if anyone else has had similar problems and found a solution, please let me know.



06.11.2006, 16:48
The dumps you linked to are from older v4.0x version, did you still get BSODs after update to v4.06 and SPTD layer v1.35?
Did you also update Alcohol?

06.11.2006, 17:08
Only updated to 4.06 earlier today. I didn't see a mention of it in version history so thought it may be worth posting anyway. I much read the memory dumps, but figured that it may be something that could affect more than one version of DT or SPTD. Will update if I get anything with DT4.06

09.11.2006, 12:29
I upgraded to Daemon Tools 4.06 and SPTD 1.35 but was still getting reboots.
I next downloaded and installed the nForce 9.35 Unified Remix, a collection of the latest (some Vista, others tweaked inf) drivers - while having a couple of problems with the internal NIC disappearing I noticed that I had StarForce installed, from some game I've probably since removed - I uninstalled StarForce and everything seems to be more stable since.
I was noticing Civ4 Warlords had been playing up a lot, but that seems to be rock solid since, so I'm thinking it could be one of the Vista/Customised drivers works better with Win2003 R2, or more likely StarForce was causing problems - I know it's a hugely unpopular piece of software with a track record of screwing up people's machines...

I'll keep an eye on things and update in a week or so, but things could well be that it's resolved.


09.11.2006, 15:25
No offense, but just out of curiosity, why are you running a server OS on what is apparently a workstation computer?

10.11.2006, 00:06
Wasn't any particular reason. Had a server with a retail copy of 2003 that bit the bullet, so a spare license going begging.

Read a few sites that claimed it was a perfectly viable desktop OS, that once you'd turned off a few of the more server oriented services that it'd run just fine - also that a clean install of Win2003 boots faster than a clean install of WinXP. I've enabled XP themes, installed DirectX and my usual desktop OS apps, and just about any XP device driver works fine with 2003. Was mainly a curiosity thing, and there haven't really been any downsides, aside from having to spend 30mins longer on the initial build (and obviously this problem I've posted about).

Only irritating thing is a complete lack of bluetooth support for 2003, so my BT Logitech Cordless Desktop isn't working quite right, but I'm too lazy to fix that and might just wait for Vista to have a play with.

So basically, curiosity at first and seen nothing where XP>2003 (though also not much where 2003>XP for a desktop either).