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17.10.2003, 20:33

Ok I am a noob at the whole making backups. I have purchased Blindwrite and I have downloaded Daemon Tools. Currently I have burned the imagine of Battlefield 1942 Cd2 to my hard drive. Now what? I can not find documentation that suggest where to install the file. I would like to keep playing the game online but without the cd running. Yes I still have the box the pc came in, LOL!! So where do I stick the image? In the Battlefied folder? I do not care about making a backup to cd, just want to play the game without the cd rom running and I am not interested in a cd-crack. Oh yah, if there is new update for BF1942(curently it is 1.45) will I need to make a new image?



17.10.2003, 20:51
Ok I have found the image. I am looking at two files that Daemon has found in the blindwrite folder. Do I send both images to the drive?


18.10.2003, 07:03
All you do is point daemon tools to the bwt image and from there it will mount the cd for you and you can play the game as normal. You need not worry about the other files.

Many image formats have two files. One file is general a very short plain text file. about 500 letters long. The second file is the actual data on the cd and is usually quite big. When using daemon tools you will always point it to the plain text small file and it then reads that file to figure out how it should manage the big file.