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18.10.2003, 00:50
I posted a while ago on CDFreaks about this idea, tho nobody answered with an intelligent response to it, I still think that my idea is pretty good.

My question was this.. would it be possible to make a cdrom driver that defies the protections on-the-fly? Be either a resident program, or a real driver, isnt it possible to know when a program requests for the protection sectors on a cd? Instead of having to keep the image on a harddrive, wouldnt it possible for daemon-tools to actualy "capture" the cd in a drive and emulate the protection on-the-fly?

18.10.2003, 12:39
What the hell :evil: do you think that SECUROM LASERLOK and SAFEDISC emulation are for ?


18.10.2003, 14:12
Daemon tools does it already 3 years.

18.10.2003, 18:58
You guys didnt understand what I meant... What im talking about would be a drive for a real CD drive, not a virtual one. Something that would capture the drive (not an image) and emulate the protections just like daemon-tools.

18.10.2003, 20:08
We understood what was meant - as already mentioned this is exactly how the Daemon Tools emulations work - emulation is NOT needed from virtual drive(s).

19.10.2003, 08:20
Oh damn. My bad then. I thought the protection where emulated only for the mounted images. /me feels dumb :(

Sorry about this thread then... :/