View Full Version : Problem with mounting

08.11.2006, 09:50
After i installed daemon tolls 4.0.6HE[32bit] or 4.0.3 i try to mount an image but i can not. Daemon still reads and there is a window with please wait. I wait 30min and then i restart [with the button] I will be very thankfull

10.11.2006, 08:47
same problem here

22.02.2007, 11:29
I have the same problem! When i mount any Image, in the Taskmanager daemon.exe goes up to 100% and does nothing else. When i kill the process, I have to wait a little longer until the process is finally killed and then *zapp* the Image is mounted. Well, that's the case, if I'm lucky. Sometimes deamon.exe isn't to be killed :D. Only Restarting helps then ...

Re-Installation didn't fix it. Anyone further suggestions? That would be nice!