View Full Version : win xp freezes

08.11.2006, 11:27
whenever i install daemon tools v4+ whenever i run daemon tools xp locks up

i have xp pro 32

08.11.2006, 12:55
Your Daemon Tools version is?
Your SPTD driver is?

09.11.2006, 03:50
dt is 4.06, also tried 4.03,

stpd is 1.35

09.11.2006, 21:53
I happend to got similar problem once.

Not sure what caused it, but I know I used some pretty weird mini-image with it (poseidon mini-image for NWN2, gives corrution error on trying to explore virtual drive, but does its "mini-image work" as intended).

What worked for me is deinstalling STPD driver.
And then reinstalling it again. Was done using STPD install exe.

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11.11.2006, 19:38
the thing is, i have not been able to get dt v4.06 to work at all, it locks up as soon as i run it, right after i install it. it doesn't have anything to do with an image that i mounted.