View Full Version : Yes another missing cdrw....help appreciated

18.10.2003, 03:23
I followed the advice that was offered in order to make it so that daemon tools doesn't cause computer to restart while disabling a virtual drive device, HOWEVER like the person who mentioned it, I also lost my cdrw from the "my computer screen" it has exclamation mark next to it in device manager, and doesn't show up as a drive in computer management, I've also uninstalled the drivers, and reinstalled, and I think it's VERY obvious there's nothing wrong my drivers, or cdrw. Anyways just like the many other's who have been expieriencing this problem I would like to know please how I can get it back; format= not a chance in hell, so a legitimate way aside from system restore would be appreciated since I know it's DAEMON tools because before daemon tools or the deletion of the 2 .sys files which I was instructed ,according to a forum msg I searched for to delete in order to not get restart on disabling of a particular virtual drive, I had no probs. And previous to this I've had no problem seeing MY fully functional drive for a year now..yea..and that whole change drive letter thing< or the other one mentioned using cmd> didn't work...thank you in advance for your assistance.