View Full Version : windows 64 + dtools + mount xp 32 = ?

08.11.2006, 19:32
Hey all,

I have windows 64 on my server (wanted to test it out) and it's crap.. but to be honest.. I'm too lazy to disconnect a couple of hd's because I need to re-connect the cd drive (IDE 2 is weird on my mobo)...

Anyway.. I was wondering if I can install dtools on xp 64, mount an image for xp 32 (or vista rc2 or anything for that matter) and have it install like that?

Or do I have to do it the old fashioned way and boot from cd?

I figured I'd ask before disconnecting my hd's

08.11.2006, 20:50
You could try it.

With Vista RC2 it does work so it could work with XP, too.

08.11.2006, 23:06
You can't upgrade to/from 32-bit from/to 64-bit.

09.11.2006, 14:24
It works with Vista because Vista uses an image based installer. Windows XP uses the old "copy files, reboot, copy more files, reboot, etc" method. The disc is required during setup. And as Andareed said, you can't upgrade/downgrade anyway. You'll have to boot from the disc.