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09.11.2006, 15:05
be able to create an cd/DVD RW instead of a normal drive.
so if you use backup software or something els and you want to burn it onto DVD, but you don't have a DVD-rw drive, you can select the Emulator and burn in into an ISO file.
this way you don't have to have a DVD-RW drive in all your systems or burn an rip dvd's all the time

09.11.2006, 20:55
And why do you post in "Daemon-Homepage Suggestions You think the Site/Boarddesign sucks??"?

You want a virtual burner if i understand you right?

09.11.2006, 21:18
Something like that can be done with Nero (select Image Recorder from device list), or you could also use a program like UltraISO to create an ISO file.